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The importance of wetland habitats Wetlands are one of the most important environmental assets in Prespa, home to many plant and animal species, providing significant economic, social and cultural benefits to the people of Prespa and the society at large. Wetland habitats across Prespa are impacted by various human activities, such as water extraction, modification of beaches and streams, fishing, farming, sand excavation, agriculture and forestry. Addressing these threats …

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A team from the 100 Villages Academy, focusing on villages in the region of Lake Ohrid and Lake Prespa, presented initial proposals for how to strengthen tourism development at two events in Korça, on Friday 28 September. The team lived in Gorice e Vogel, inside Lake Prespa National Park, for four weeks, beginning in mid August, while also working in the villages of Lin, Tushemisht, Gurras, Zvirinë, and Zaroshkë. …

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