Protected Area Partners

PONT enables protected areas in the PONT focus region to develop and implement their management plans and conserve the environment through sustainable co-financing of operational costs.

PONT supports the development and use of standard operational planning and reporting systems for the implementation of proprietary protected area programmes. Standardised biodiversity monitoring systems are developed in which data collection, data analysis and data sharing are supported for habitat management, with an efficient division of what can be done by the protected area staff themselves, environmental actors, local people and what to outsource to third parties.

Enabling the protected area staff to increasingly use scientific data in managing the area must be included in the third-party contracts. The inclusion of minimum Natura 2000 requirements will gain importance in the coming years.

The protected area management authorities are supported with their operations and organisational development to make the organisations more robust and capable of sourcing third party funding.



PROTECTED AREAS - Prespa Ohrid Nature Trust
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