Shebenik National Park – 34,508 ha – IUCN Category II

Shebenik National Park is managed by the Regional Administration of Protected Areas (RAPA) Elbasan under the umbrella of the National Agency of Protected Areas (NAPA). The park includes Rrajca, the Albanian component part of the Ancient and Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians and Other Regions of Europe World Heritage serial site with an area of 2,129.45 ha and a buffer zone of 2,569.55 ha.

The ongoing grant from PONT supports the work of RAPA Elbasan in the key functional areas of management of the park: monitoring of biodiversity; conservation actions; protection/law enforcement; environmental education; visitor infrastructure management; cooperation with and involvement of local communities. The grant established synergies and complementarity with the projects implemented by several NGOs and partners, such as PPNEA, AlbNatyra and Agri-en, as well as the cooperation with the Bavarian Forest National Park of Germany.

Status: Open.





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