Prespa Ohrid Nature Trust

ΡΟΝΤ is a transboundary conservation trust fund and was established in 2015 with funding from the MAVA Foundation and the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), working through the KfW Development Bank. Their aim was to support the increasing environmental needs of the Prespa-Ohrid region and beyond and respond to the lack of sufficient funding for conservation efforts.

As a trust fund, PONT’s long-term funding focuses on implementing key conservation actions in the parks located in the regions and in the ecological corridors connecting the parks. It is designed to ensure the sustainable management of the Prespa-Ohrid, Korab-Shara, and Albanian Alps regions. Our model emphasises long-term commitment, transparency, efficiency, accountability, and collaboration.


We believe in:

  • Localisation for global impact
  • Supporting grassroots
  • Community-led rather than community-based
  • Supplementing traditional methods of funding
  • Being based locally, knowing those working in the area
  • Outcomes focused rather than outputs focused
  • Creating an enabling environment
  • Providing mentorship
  • Being a flexible and accessible funder.

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Prespa Ohrid Nature Trust - Prespa Ohrid Nature Trust
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