Gwenaelle Joubert

Fundraising Officer

Gwen has joined PONT as Fundraising Officer in February 2021 to support the development and implementation of a Fundraising Strategy for the organisation.

She has over 15 years working to improve the policies and practices that affect people’s lives and their environment in the non-profit sector. Recently she has worked to ensure the long-term sustainability of organisations in the non-profit through the diversification and development of Fundraising, establishing activities, procedures and supporter care journeys to support this.

Originally from St Avold in France, Gwen has lived all over England, Scotland, Malaysia, Mexico and Egypt. Her studies in Behavioural Science and Fine Art launched her career into the non-profit sector creating campaigns and films to raise awareness and build a supporter base. Gwen is passionate about putting story telling at the heart of Fundraising and Communications to connect people and give them a better understanding of the work being undertaken by Third Sector organisations and ultimately inspire them to take action.

Gwenaelle Joubert - Prespa Ohrid Nature Trust
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