Daniela Ruçi

Grants Coordinator

Daniela joined PONT RPO as Grant Coordinator in November 2021. Daniela holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA), a Bachelor of Science in Biology, and 20 years of experience as an Environmental Expert.

Before joining PONT, she worked as an Education Expert and Manager for the Education for Sustainable Development programme, gaining extensive experience in designing and implementing awareness campaigns for various actors and also in curriculum development. She was involved in “Green Pack “and” Junior Green Pack ” an innovative environmental education package for schools in Albania. She has extensive experience in designing and implementing environmental projects for nature protection with a variety of actors; working with different focus groups such as NGO representatives, students, schools, teachers, also experts from local institutions and government.

Daniela grew up in the Ohrid region in Pogradec and has worked in the Prespa and Ohrid region since 2008 on the development and implementation of the Local Environmental Action Plan based on participatory processes with local actors. She creatively combines her foundation in biology with her vision to bring a can-do attitude to theory and discourse. She is passionate about bringing innovation, co-creativity, and nature-inspired leadership to environmental actors.

Daniela Ruçi - Prespa Ohrid Nature Trust
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