Environmental Actors Programme

Grants to environmental actors are for qualified not-for-profit organisations with a local presence in the PONT focus region and with a strategy in conservation, developing society, improving communities, and promoting citizen participation in conservation.

PONT’s funding priorities for environmental actors are mainly focused on improving habitats through (transboundary) conservation activities and some important specialised conservation activities. The environmental actors with focused activities for conservation in the PONT focus region are supported with their operations and organisational development to make the organisations more robust and capable of sourcing third-party funding.

In addition, PONT’s financial support to not-for-profit organisations is directed towards the implementation of activities identified in the management plans for the respective protected areas and where there is a lack of capacity within the protected area management authorities. Applied research, with the involvement of protected area staff, directly focused on species or habitat management is also supported, but fundamental research is not.



ENVIRONMENTAL ACTORS - Prespa Ohrid Nature Trust
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