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The Prespa-Ohrid region lies across parts of Albania, Greece, and North Macedonia. Its lakes are among Europe’s oldest and recognised as one of the most ecologically valuable regions in Europe.

The Korab-Shara region lies across parts of Albania and North Macedonia. This region is located at the border with Kosovo. This mountainous region is still traditionally used and due to its ruggedness and inaccessibility, it is in pristine state.

The Albanian Alps National Park in Albania is located at the borders of Montenegro and Kosovo. These high mountains are already well known for their beauty and, like the other regions, are part of the Green Belt.

You can help conserve these widely recognised transboundary conservation areas that house multiple protected areas. These areas are internationally recognised as parts are wetland areas (Ramsar Sites), transboundary Prespa Park, a transboundary UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, a transboundary mixed Natural and Cultural UNESCO World Heritage Site, and parts of the Ancient and Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians and Other Regions of Europe World Heritage Serial Site.

Your donation can either support the most urgent conservation needs in the region or can be designated specifically to a park or organisation you wish to support. You can discuss this further by contacting us!

As a conservation trust fund, PONT’s endowment covers most of the administrative costs, allowing your donations to go directly to supporting the parks and conservation actions on the ground.

You can donate by contacting us or donate directly to our bank account in euro:


Bank: GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG
IBAN: DE89430609671306276100


Working together towards the SDG goals

We are also proactively seeking out fellow donors, projects, and Grantmakers for co-financing to reinforce the support for conservation in the region, adding to the continuity of the work and significantly increasing the impact each party can have.

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