Calendar 2022

You can download the PONT Digital Calendar 2022 below.

How to install the wallpaper calendar:

Automatic Set Up:

Download the Setup Exe. file. Double Click and run file setup. Windows Defender or Antivirus alert may pop up, click more info and Run Anyway. Setup will initialise and Application Install box will pop up. Click Install. (desktopbackgroundcal.). There may be an alert due to the link being downloaded from the web and our designer not being officially recognised by Microsoft. You will be fine to proceed. Once installed your background should now be the PONT Calendar.

This will change automatically on the 1st of every month.


Manual Set Up:

Download the zip file. Unzip and save folder PONT_Calendar_2022 in your Documents folder
On 1st of each month open this folder and find the calendar image, open image (Jan 01, Feb 02, etc.), right click on image and select set as desktop background.
You will need to manually do this on 1st of month.


–  The PONT Team –

Calendar 2022 - Prespa Ohrid Nature Trust
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