March, 2020

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Through the ongoing grant from PONT, the Protection and Preservation of Natural Environment in Albania (PPNEA) has recently completed the first detailed study of wetland habitats in the Prespa National Park. The study covers the entire Albanian part of the Lake Prespa catchment area. The mapping study has built upon the results and experience gained in mapping the wetland habitats in the Macedonian part of Prespa, which was conducted …

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A year after the opening of its local office, MES and PrespaNet continue to work alongside regional stakeholders for the protection of Prespa. 2019 was an interesting year, with many achievements for the network. Wetland restoration After the mapping of Prespa shoreline habitat types in 2018, which resulted in the production of recommendations on habitat management in Macedonian Prespa for the Municipality of Resen, MES focused its research on …

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March 2020 - Prespa Ohrid Nature Trust