December, 2019

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Since its launching in 2007 by WWF and the World Bank, the Management Effectiveness Tracking Tool (METT) has become the world’s most applied tool for assessing management effectiveness. It has been applied to over 2,500 Protected Areas (PAs) in more than 120 countries. METT assessments are an integral part of PONT’s monitoring and evaluation system at both programme level and with respect to individual grants. Grantees managing protected areas …

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PONT recently commissioned a report, which recommended supporting communities and entrepreneurs in Prespa to focus on developing and delivering nature-based tourism products and services to increase the chances of commercial success in the region. The partnership of protected area authorities and local governments is crucial. PONT subsequently published a call, in August 2019, inviting environmental actors to submit proposals that support tourism businesses operating in the Wider Prespa Area …

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December 2019 - Prespa Ohrid Nature Trust