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The Prespa Ohrid Nature Trust – PONT is a transboundary conservation trust fund dedicated to conserving the rich natural heritage of the Prespa-Ohrid, Korab-Shara and Albanian Alps regions. We do this by providing effective long-term funding support to the parks and conservation organisations in the region. We are the only Conservation Trust Fund working in the Balkans.

The Prespa-Ohrid region is located at the heart of the Balkans and covers parts of Albania, Greece and North Macedonia. Regarded as one of the most ecologically valuable regions in Europe, the Prespa and Ohrid lakes are among Europe’s oldest. The lakes and their surrounding mountains, the plants, animals and the people that call this magnificent area home, are in desperate need of effective and long-term protection.

The Korab-Shara region is an incredible mountainous region covering parts of Albania and North Macedonia. Due to the remoteness, many areas are still pristine but also under pressure. The Albanian Alps region is well known for its magnificent high mountains and natural beauty. Also here the pressures are high and support is needed to maintain the long-term protection of these areas.

The Region


 “Conserving nature for a sustainable future through long-term partnerships and financing”


“Transboundary conservation areas are reconnected and sustained as important biodiversity hotspots where people live and work in harmony with nature”



A Trust Fund for Nature

As a conservation trust fund, PONT’s approach focuses on action oriented conservation support. PONT aims to provide stable and long-term funding support for the conservation of the regions and ecological corridors and foster participation and collaboration among all stakeholders working on conservation management in Albania, North Macedonia and Greece.


PONT was established in 2015 with initial funding from the MAVA Foundation and the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) through KfW Development Bank, and supported by the technical expertise of WWF Greece and the Frankfurt Zoological Society.

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