Rrezearta Ago

Grant Scheme Development Consultant

Rrezearta Ago has been an active member of environmental movement since 2002. She has more than 14 years of job experience in several positions like management and coordination of the environmental and sustainable development projects, capacity building programs and granting schemes.  She has played an important role in project design, raising funds and performing several consultancies all over Albania. In her work in the Environmental NGOs she has been a key person in communication with stakeholders in the processes of local strategy development, policy documents on issues like water, waste, air and public participation as well as on implementation of pilot projects and running of campaigns in local and national level.

She is professionally trained for delivering trainings and facilitating activities and processes for local communities, NGOs, GOs and other key stakeholders.

Rrezearta holds a M.Sc. in Electron Microscopy from ISUFI Institute, Lecce, Italy.

Rrezearta Ago - Prespa Ohrid Nature Trust